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A graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, Bernie Maese Jr, originally began as a painter and sequential artist, but later realized he could bring to life his artistic vision through his talents in photography. With a celebrated and acclaimed style that has been described as cinematic and magical, he has been published internationally, nationally, and locally. He has worked with celebrities both from Hollywood and the music industry and international fashion designers and models from New York's Fashion Week. He has had two solo exhibits and had his work shown in several galleries including a national gallery.


When he isn’t creating worlds through his photographs, he is out thrill seeking and looking for adventure from backcountry skiing, surfing in big swells, bull riding, playing polo, or competing in American Ninja Warrior.



A fun and proud mother of 3, Mandy is Hawk & Hero's second photographer and assistant. She is currently studying at The University of Texas at El Paso. She is also an accomplished dancer.


Cool and collected, Leo is Hawk & Hero's intern and second assistant. He is currently a theatre major at The University of Texas at El Paso. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and adventuring from snowboarding fresh powder, to surfing gnarly waves, and visiting MLB ballparks. Also, enjoys a good hearty ramen and anime.



Happy and energetic and only a pup, Butters is already Hawk & Hero's chief motivator and mascot. When he isn't motivating and putting a smile on the team, he loves to go on runs, steal socks for some reason, and a good belly rub.

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